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Safety Considerations

The rugged and wild nature of the Mojave Desert requires attention to certain safety issues.  During warmer months, adequate precautions must be taken to avoid dehydration and sunstroke. Carry plenty of water and wear a hat. Due diligence in avoiding unwanted encounters with scorpions, black widows and rattlesnakes is required.  No person should hike alone without knowing the terrain or without notifying a group member or the DSC Manager about his or her route and return time.  Abandoned mine workings should be avoided. Groups traveling in the field are required to carry a first aid kit.  If vehicle travel in remote areas is required, proper precautions should be made against mechanical breakdown or getting stuck in mud or sand, and contingencies should be planned if they occur.  Caravans should have procedures to ensure that no vehicles get separated from the group. If you have any questions about appropriate safety precautions/procedures, or in the event of illness, injury or other medical emergencies while at the DSC, contact the Manager who will assist you.

It is good practice to empty your shoes and shake your clothing before putting them on. The emergency telephone numbers at the Center are (714) 936-0461 or (714) 732-8326. There is no public telephone at the Center, however, emergency calls can be made. Please contact Robert Fulton, Site Manager or Jason Wallace, Site Stewart.

You may wish to look over a list of essential things you should bring to the center.