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Submitted from Fullerton:

From the November 27, 2012 SoCal Connected program, the transcript states:

Dr. Lucy Jones: So where they've been disposing of waste water by pumping it down below the water table, that gets you down to the seismic depths, and that seems to be where we see the earthquakes.

3/6/2014 USGS released a statement that included the following:

"'The observation that a human-induced earthquake can trigger a cascade of earthquakes, including a larger one, has important implications for reducing the seismic risk from wastewater injection,' said USGS seismologist and coauthor of the study Elizabeth Cochran.

"Historically, earthquakes in the central United States have been uncommon. Yet in the year 2011 alone, numerous moderate-size earthquakes occurred in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Arkansas. Many of these earthquakes occurred near waste-water injection wells."

How much liability insurance is provided by waste water injection projects in the event that the process triggers earthquakes that damage property?