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Submitted from Fullerton:

The recently published CGS 2010 Fault Map shows a 'Red Dot' and an inverted V shaped solid line which is known as the Coyote Hills Uplift Fault. The 'Red Dot' on the map has the same color as the San Andreas Fault. The numerical annotation for this fault is #433 on this map and includes the information, that the 1968 surface rupture was most likely related to oil withdrawal.
My questions are:
1. Why would anybody even consider a housing development in these hills?
2. Should this area now be included in the Alquist Priolo Special Study Zone?
After all the intent of the AP Act is to ensure public safety by prohibiting the siting of most structures for human occupancy across traces of active faults that constitute a potential hazard to structures from surface faulting or fault creep.
3. Would it seem logical that fracking should not be done in the proximity of the Coyote Hills Uplift Fault?
Thank you for taking my questions!