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Submitted from Brea:

According to the Oklahoma newspapers, a chemical spill happened in August. The largest fracking-related spill in Oklahoma happened in rural Kingfisher County last Monday -- though local media wasn’t alerted until Thursday – when 480 barrels (20,000 gallons) of hydrochloric acid, enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool." According to Linn Oil, that is approximately the amount of chemicals they use every 3 years to "stimulate" the well at the Brea Sports Park. What kind of precautions are in use to protect the citizens of Brea and the surrounding counties from that same kind of spill. This spill happened in an Alfalfa field. I live near the Sports Park and have never been informed of any evacuation plans in case of a spill of this magnitude. Question: How are these chemicals transported? What time of day are these chemicals transported? Why are they allowed near a school and public sports park?