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Submitted from Bakersfield Ca.:

Do you want to pay more for your gas, 8.00, 10.00 a gallon or even more?? Do you want to be dependent on Foreign Oil?
It’s easy to be afraid of something like fracking when you know so little about it..
It just sounds so bad, fracking, cracking the earth, chemicals.. .. And the people that are opposed to it work on those Fears to get you to be against it as well.. Make your own opinion based on Facts.
We need fracking. It’s not what you think..

Hydraulic fracturing: what you might have heard!!
Myth: Hydraulic fracturing is a danger to the public and the environment
Fact: Hydraulic fracturing has been used in CA for more than 60 years and has never been linked to any health or environmental harm
Myth: Hydraulic fracturing causes groundwater contamination
Fact: There is no evidence of any adverse impacts to groundwater resources caused by hydraulic fracturing in California
Myth: Hydraulic fracturing is or has been unregulated in California
Fact: Oil and gas drilling and production activities are closely regulated in California
The primary regulations that protect groundwater are the state’s well construction and testing standards, which are among the strictest in the U.S. and Senate Bill SB4
Myth: Hydraulic Fracturing causes earthquakes
Fact: After reviewing 30 years of seismic data, the NationalAcademies of Science and the USC Induced Seismicity Consortium concluded that there is no correlation between wells that have been fractured and seismic activity
These studies also show little or no correlation between oil field activity in general and seismic activity. However, these studies did suggest there may be a possible correlation between certain water disposal wells and seismicity (not California)
Myth: Hydraulic fracturing uses
millions of gallons of water
Fact: The total volume of water used in
the 830wells fractured in 2013
in CA was 323acre feet
In 2013, the average volume of water used during hydraulic fracturing operations of a production well in CA was 127,000 gallons
The average golf course uses 312,000 gallons of water every day of the year
Myth: No one knows how much or
where fracturing is occurring
Fact: California closely regulates oil
and gas drilling and production
activities, and maintains a
database with the locations
of all oil and gas wells
• 3,091 well permits issued in 2013
• 54,986 wells currently producing oil and/or gas in CA (2012)
• A total of 830 wells were fractured in 2013 (FracFocus),
and 97 percent of fracturing operations were in Kern County