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Submitted from Brea:

Why are homeowners not advised when a huge tower is erected next to their home. In most states the height of the tower has to be as many feet from the home in case of a collapse. Are these Brea city ordinances no longer in effect?

8.24.050 SIGNS.
A sign having a surface area of not less than two (2) square feet and not more than six (6) square feet bearing the current name and number of the well and the name or insignia of the operator shall be displayed at all times from the commencement of drilling operations until the well is abandoned. In the event there are more than two (2) producing wells on one (1) leasehold, it shall be sufficient if the entrances to such leasehold are posted with a sign not less than eighteen (18) inches by twenty-four (24) inches bearing the name of the operator together with the name or designation of the lease, together with an openly visible sign on each producing well designating the particular number thereof.

(note all) All sumps or sump holes, exploratory equipment and oil or gas well production equipment having external, moving parts hazardous to life or limb shall be attended twenty-four (24) hours per day or be enclosed by a steel chain link type fence not less than six (6) feet in height and in addition having not less than three (3) strands of barbed wire sloping outward at approximately a forty-five degree (45°) angle and for eighteen (18) inches from the top of the fence. There shall be no aperture below such fence greater than four (4) inches. Fence gates shall be installed at non-hazardous locations and shall be locked at all times when unattended by a watchman or service person.