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Study 25-35 Empowerment Campaign

The Study 25-35 Empowerment Campaign is aimed at helping first time freshmen and first-year transfer students succeed in their CSUF courses. Entering a four-year university for the first time is a big change from what you might be used to. It is important that you develop an understanding of the academic expectations of your professors as well as your responsibilities in the learning process. Remember, you earned your acceptance to CSUF, but with great power comes great responsibility. You must make sure to put some muscle to your academic plan for success. A perfect way to do this is by incorporating 25-35 hours of studying/homework time per week.

This site is here to provide you with tips on HOW to create and/or enhance your 2012-2013 academic success plan so you can efficiently study 25-35 hrs per week. Follow the academic success phases of the Study 25-35 Empowerment Campaign, prime your academic success plan with the 25-35 Empowerment Immersion Training, and watch out for Empowerment Success Exercises throughout the academic year.

We believe in you! Seize academic success!

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