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A. How Much Should You Study?

This is really important! Study habits determine your success in college, so your success begins with you. One of the greatest challenges of a student entering college for the first time is realizing how much study time is needed to achieve their academic goals.

If you are a first-time freshman, wouldn't you agree that college will be more challenging than high school and require a greater personal commitment? The total commitment for in-class instruction and homework in high school is about 35 hours per week. In college you will be in class approximately 15 hours a week. Successful NSM students study at least two hours per unit per week, or 25-35 hours per week for a student taking 12-17 units. Your total time commitment for school would be 40-50 hours per week, very similar to the time required for a full-time job.

If you are a first-year transfer student you might already be aware of the academic challenges set forth by the college environment, nevertheless we encourage you to refine your academic success plan to meet the academic expectations of upper-division courses at CSUF.

Sometimes taking the first step towards formulating an academic success plan can be difficult. Learn how to develop a plan and study 25-35 hours per week with the Empowerment Immersion Training. This training calls for filling out the Academic Tracking sheet and the Time Dominance Sheet.

B. The Study 25-35 Empowerment Campaign-Themes

Taking the first step towards creating and/or refining an academic success plan is half of the battle. You must then incorporate strategies and set forth a tactical plan for academic success in order to efficiently incorporate 25-35 hours of studying/homework at week.

Follow the study 25-35 Sping 2014 phase dates and slogans and look for on line empowerment exercises as the semester progress to enhance and maintain your plan for academic success.

Be patient. Focus. Believe in yourself. You are the most important factor in your academic success. We believe you can do it!