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The end of the semester is approaching! Are you ready for finals?

PHASE IV: Reinforce and Finish Strong

During the months of April and May, it's time to recharge and give it all you got. Refer to the Empowerment Exercises below for tips on how you can achieve success in the last weeks of the semester.

Empowerment Exercises:

  1. Calculate your current semester GPA before going into finals week. Click on the following link to access the Academic Advisement Center's GPA Calculator:

    The GPA calculator is easy to use and will show you where you stand before going into finals. Simply add up the points you have earned so far for each class and divide them by the points you could have earned at this time in the semester. Once you have calculated what grade you have so far in each class, input these grades into the GPA calculator and it will calculate what your GPA would be if the semester were over today. Many students are surprised by what they see!

  2. Set up a finals study schedule that works for you. Plan what you have to do and designate an appropriate amount of time to study for each final exam. Print and fill out the Time Dominance Tracker for assistance!

  3. Think about what conditions allow you to study best. Do you work better in the morning? Does working with others help you learn the material better? Do you study more effectively if you switch up your surroundings? Remember that different methods work better for different students. It's important to find the approach that works best for you.

Here are some useful study techniques:

  1. Review the book.
  2. Review your notes and handouts.
  3. Compare your notes with classmates to see if you missed anything.
  4. If you skipped a class, ask a classmate, T.A., or professor what you missed.
  5. Review homework, quizzes, and tests. If you can't figure out why you got something wrong, go to your professor's office hours and ask.
  6. Go to final exam review sessions.
  7. Visit tutors one last time. Tutors at the Math Tutoring Center (MH-553) and those at the Opportunity Center (MH-488) will continue their free tutoring services until finals week. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!
  8. Make flashcards.
  9. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what the professor says will be on the test... they are the only ones that know.
  10. It's very important to keep your health in check. Take time away from studying to move around. Make sure you bring healthy snacks to study sessions to keep your brain energized. Get an appropriate amount of sleep. It doesn't matter how much you study, if you ignore your body's health you won't perform your best come finals day.